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Do you want your career to skyrocket to the next level?

Come join Rockwell Property, where you are encouraged to bring your individuality and creative ideas for solving problems. Every day at work here is as exciting as you make it.

“Rockwell has been steadily growing since the company’s inception. Our business has lived through a great recession and now a pandemic and in each case has come out stronger and better positioned than before. Housing is one of life’s essential needs and everyday we are trying to improve the homes and lives of our residents. None of this would be possible without the contributions from everyone on our team! Please consider joining Rockwell to further your mission and ours!”

— MW



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Our employees that consistently go above and beyond in their daily job responsibilities.

We owe our great success to our diverse team of “Rock” stars. We believe in rewarding our team not only for their performance but also team spirit and positive attitude.

“Thank you very much for all your company does for their employees. I want you to know that of all the years I worked for property management, I have never worked for such caring people, like Rockwell Property.”

— PJ

January Rockstar

Colleen Bader

Leasing Manager

Joined 2011

“Colleen impresses me most with her attention to detail and her memory. Her talents especially shine during our Onesite transition, because we would’ve been very lost without her! Colleen takes pride in each building we manage, and helps Rockwell have the best buildings on the block! Colleen always asks, “how can I help?” I am very thankful to have her on my team!“

— JC

February Rockstar

Jason Kraus

Construction Manager

Joined 2018

“This person is the Leader of the Rockwell Breakfast Club. He is an early riser, a team player, expert project juggler, a very detailed storyteller, Lincoln Square homie, a secret Cardi B super fan and fun-loving prankster. He shows up to work every day with contagious enthusiasm. Always ready to take on the day knowing that he will be pulled in 25 different directions. His path is always clear.

He very much values relationships in our fast-paced, virtual world. Whether you have known him for 2 weeks or 2 years, he will take the time to ask how you are doing, how your family is doing and will seamlessly fit in a joke to try and make you smile. He is genuine.”

— AH