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“Rockwell has been steadily growing since the company’s inception. Our business has lived through a great recession and now a pandemic and in each case has come out stronger and better positioned than before. Housing is one of life’s essential needs and everyday we are trying to improve the homes and lives of our residents. None of this would be possible without the contributions from everyone on our team! Please consider joining Rockwell to further your mission and ours!” -MW

“Rockwell Property Co. is a growing and dynamic commercial real estate business where every single person is important and part of the family.” - TT



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Our employees that consistently go above and beyond in their daily job responsibilities.

We owe our great success to our diverse team of “Rock” stars. We believe in rewarding our team not only for their performance but also team spirit and positive attitude.

Juan L. - Juan came to us through Fernando his brother whom has worked for us for many years in different capacities. Juan was so “green behind the ears” when he started, but his continued eagerness to improve his skill set, improve our properties and continue to learn have been unmatched this past year. He deserves it all! - Jason K.

Amy B. - The employee that I have an honor to present 2022 Rockstar award to is someone that pretty much touches every one of our departments in one way or another. Amy , you are a very valuable asset to Rockwell. You embody Rockwell culture – you are reliable, self-motivated, adaptable, and a team player. You work well independently and with others. You are always looking for better solutions in order to make all of our jobs easier (in a lot of cases without anyone asking for it). We appreciate you and we are fortunate to have you on Rockwell team. I know that we probably don’t say it enough, but we value you and all your contributions to our teams and Rockwell. Thank you for everything. You truly are a ROCKSTAR! - Melissa

Viktorjia - She embodies Rockwell company culture. She is not afraid of a challenge, works hard every day and is such a responsible and dedicated employee. Viktorija does not give up until she gets to the bottom of any question or problem. Viktorija is loyal and a team player. What amazes me the most about Viktorija is her positive attitude and enthusiasm. She continues to thrive and learn, and with her spirit of positivity, she sets the entire team for success. - Asta Viktorija is an amazing person and a valuable asset to Rockwell. I am so happy to work with Viktorija every day! - Asta

Amy H. - She has always been up for the next challenge each and every day, but lately that has even been brought to another level. Over the past year, we have been the most indecisive we ever have been on our construction renovation velocity and budget vs. scope. Amy has audibled many times to achieve budgets, timelines, and trends all while still reaching our goals. There never is a fuss; just results. I couldn’t imagine our department without her leadership. - Jason K.

2023 Rockstar

Juan Lopez

Assistant Project Manager

2022 Rockstar

Amy Bennett

Operations & Marketing Coordinator

2022 Rockstar

Viktorija Jaceviciene


2022 Rockstar

Amy Hattery

Design Director